Flying Fitness Guru and Father of Aerial Yoga

AntiGravity began in 1991, in NYC as a confederacy of gymnastic athletes, who yearned to continue their love of the flip after their competitive years. Assembled by world-class gymnastics specialist and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison, his style merged athletic power with the creativity of dance. Together, Team AntiGravity became American pioneers of contemporary acrobatics and the aerial arts. Along the path of his passion Christopher made numerous discoveries about the body and the mind, which he compiled into a methodology and philosophy. His health and wellness creations, which emerged from his company warm up, are known as AntiGravity® Fitness techniques. Now considered a leader in the global expansion of the field of movement and expert in the field of fitness, Harrison’s groundbreaking creations and kinetic inventions have inspired health and happiness through innovative performance and exercise techniques around the world.

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