Creative Producer

Christopher Harrison founded AntiGravity® Inc in 1991 as a vehicle for sharing his artistic discoveries in movement.

Director & Choreographer

Christopher Harrison created Original Shows and Original Flying Techniques in order to safely express beauty & virtuosity in the air.

 Flying Fitness Guru

Christopher Harrison created AntiGravity® Yoga in order to share his philosophy of reconnecting the body and mind.

Athlete & Dancer

A former world-class gymnast and Broadway dancer, Harrison created AntiGravity® Fitness Techniques to be accessible to the general public so everyone can share his “gift of flip”.


Christopher Harrison is a Kinetic Explorer & Discoverer.  In his explorations he found a new way to move the body, different than mankind ever has before.  Moving the body freely in all directions of open space was once only accessible underwater or perhaps to the most elite specialty athletes for a miniscule period of time, to great effort. His Harrison AntiGravity Hammock and related techniques changed all that.  What was once only vertical can now be experienced horizontally and inverted.  What was once only explored underwater can now be experienced safely in your own living room or in a class environment.  Ailments that once required a highly-trained professional to provide relief can now for relief easily with a minimal guidance on the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock.  Bodies and minds that have grown rigid and closed have a new joyful method for discovering the freedom of openness.

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Founder and Creator of the internationally renowned entertainment and fitness brand AntiGravity®